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EOA-8670 Mesh

Производитель: >Engenius (ТайваньКанада)
EOA-8670 Mesh
802.11a/b/g Outdoor Layer-2 MESH AP
    EnGenius Mesh AP is designed with IEEE802.11a/b/g standards and addressed on providing high performance mesh network. The product encased in the IP-65 protection enclosure and delivers the maximum scalability, high reliability at outdoor environment. Compared with expensive T1/E1 leased lines, the Mesh network offers a cost-effective last-mile connection.

    EnGenius Mesh AP provides wireless connection over self-adaptation mesh backhaul (5GHz). The mesh AP can operate at 2.4GHz for long range interference. The detachable antenna design allows users to use various antennas for different deployment.

    The EOA-8670, including advanced AODV (Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector) protocol, is the industry and scalable mesh routing algorithm. It allows data to be transferred with the optimal path. WAN interface for Internet connection with Gateway mode, power over Ethernet for both Gateway mode and Relay mode.

    EnGenius Mesh AP provides the highest security mechanism to protect data information over wireless. The security feature include AES backhaul link, WPA2 client access, SSL for web management. To simplify the administration task throughout the large area, this product also provides centralized management software. This software is built based on SNMP protocol and can be installed in computer.

Package Content
 1 x 802.11a/b/g Layer-2 MESH AP (EOA-8670)
 1 x PoE injector with Power Adapter
 1 x Wall Mounting kit
 1 x 1.8m Grounding Cable
 2 x Dual Band Antennas
 1 x CD-ROM with User’s Manual, NMS and Reset Tool




Dual Radio for independent Backhaul and local access

Allow operators to set up at both 2.4GHz for long range and 5GHz for backhaul to reduce the frequency interference

Self Configuration and Healing

Automatically search and link with gateway AP and other nearest node Mesh AP for Ease of Deployment & Management

EnGenius Business Class High Power Technology

Get more coverage and distance to save the installation fee

Wide temperature range and robust mechanical design (IP65)

Delivers reliable, top performance in the most demanding environments to Avoid water invaded and weather corroded

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Easy installation and cost-effective

Support Multiple SSID for client access mode

Distinguish separate networks within the same wireless space to provide secure connection

Support VLAN pass-through (Wired, Wireless)

Reduce the size of each broadcast domain, which in turn reduces network traffic and increases network security

Support 802.1x (EAP-TLS/TTLS/SIM/PEAP), 802.11i (WPA/WPA2, AES), VPN pass-thru mechanisms

Provide mutual authentication (Client and dynamic encryption keys to enhance security


Avoids unallowable users sharing bandwidth, increases efficiency of the network

Support MAC Address access control list

Ensures secure network connection

Support WMM Extension

Improve the user experience for audio, video, and voice applications by prioritizing data traffic

Bandwidth control

Enables operators to specify the maximum line bandwidth that a particular transfer operation can use

Support SNMP v2c/v3

Allow users to operate with existing network management tools

Centralized management software

Easy to manage volume Mesh AP via central control system to save the management cost

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